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3((0)),((0))((0))((0)) M((O))NKIES 'Watch The Drone' Tape



Welcome, welcome, welcome children!" His smile hid his bile. These sentences had been repeated so many times, that to feel actual joy was impossible. It was numbness that drove him on, a constant, hovering grey which never ceased. Surrounded by the garishly coloured fetters, the clasping happiness of the young, a tiny spark lifted his spirits. A fire was lit, if you will. His eyes shone brightly, as the plan hatched. A sign of what life is would inspire many present, right? Their lives would be illuminated by his death!Yes! Boffo smiled his first sincere smile in years. Tomorrow, the arena would be coloured brighter still.” - ‘After having released two incredible EP’s and building up quite the live reputation, Belgium’s 30,000 Monkies finally are ready to storm into the limelight with their debut full album ‘I Ate Myself to Grow'. –Mike Keirsbilck / Consouling Sounds But this is not the same thing. 3((0)),((0))((0))((0)) M((O))NKIES is the new dronemetal/ambient project by 30,000 Monkies. It’s XL on almost every level: longer, louder, heavier, more cheerful, more uplifting and… bigger. Live they’ll be accompanied by some friends to form a fierce, 7-headed, rainbow coloured puppy that will riff you silly and leave you behind with a warm, loving smile, buried in tons of confetti. Now, for those who missed the mystery tape: This tape will see an actual release again! Edition of 100 hot pink tapes Housed in a diecut cardstock case