Aldrig 'Yağmur' 12" LP


Aldrig (BE) is a group that was formed by ex-Soul Grip members Gert Stals & Joren De Roeck. Musically unifying sounds from black metal, sludge & post metal; combined with visceral, layered vocals, Aldrig creates an avant-garde sonic landscape that reigns cathartic. Both anointing and abrasive, their first record “Yağmur” is a vessel for grief.

Lyrically the record encapsulates a character falling through time and space, awakening in different urban dimensions over and over again, chasing something it cannot ever find. Like a blinding light in the night sky, there is an unabsolved longing in Aldrig’s music, a lament for liberation, but there is no liberation, only further confinement.

Limited to 300 copies:

⛓️ 200 copies white black marbled vinyl
⛓️ 100 copies gold black split vinyl
⛓️ 180 g vinyl
⛓️ 350 gsm outer sleeve
⛓️ incl. downloadcode

⛓️ mixed by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) ⛓️ mastered Jack Shirley

⛓️ Front cover artwork by Julio Camacho-Vicente
⛓️ Back cover images by Lore Horré


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