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Fawn Limbs 'Sleeper Vessels' 12" (Limited Euro Edition Gatefold)


Thematically 'Sleeper Vessels' emerges from a dire and primal place, dealing with equally bleak subject matters such as abuse, racism, mental illnesses, and designed oppression, all on individual and global levels, while aurally reaching the highest of highs and lowest of lows of our existence. We pushed ourselves beyond our extremes on all territories, and couldn't be happier with what we now have on our hands. This has been in the works for a year now, and it's sufficient to say that we can't wait to share new music with you all very soon.

1. The Irrelevance of an Exorcism
2. Metrae
3. The Vermin Massif
4. Famine Vows
5. Corruption Aperture
6. A Swarm of Invertebrate Fauna
7. Haul These Bodies and Haul Them Aloof
8. Ruiner
9. Sleeper Vessels
10. Trespasser
11. Photovoltaic Hum
12. Subtle Abuse
13. The Gradience of Rescue and Exposition

Mixed by Pedram Valiani at Outlier Sound
Mastered by Simon Hawemann at Sludge Studios
Artwork by Eeli Helin
Guest vocals and lyrics on tracks 11 & 13 by Chad Kapper of Frontierer / A Dark Orbit

Comes in a fully printed gatefold sleeve. Limited to 300 copies in total: 200 yellow black marbled / 100 black (incl. downloadcode)