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Monophona 'Girls on bikes boys who sing' 12"


On October, 20th Luxemburg-based Trip-Hop trio Monophona will release it’s third album Girls On Bikes Boys Who Sing, the follow up to the acclaimed 2015 album Black on Black.The new songs are a logical follow-up to Monophona’s own trade mark of compositions: amixture of Trip-Hop and Indietronic that is on one hand electronic and dark as well asintimate and warm.Reminiscences to Tricky and Portishead are valid and the beautifulvoice of Claudine builds a connection to the likes like Björk or Fever Ray.The main difference with the two other albums is that this one is more political:“With everything that happened in the world these last two years, it seemed impossible towrite only about personal matters and shut out world events. When we were young, wedidn’t think that the world in the 21rst century would be like this – we thought it might befreer, more tolerant. Unfortunately while more and more people have access to individualfreedom, many still have to fight for the most basic human rights, like to ride a bike if theywant to, to sing about whatever is on their mind… This explains why this album is a littleangrier than its predecessors.”