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Orsak : Oslo s/t 12"

16.00 / Sold Out

Orsak:Oslo from Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway is a dark slow brew containing of psych, dystopian post-rock and trippy space blues.
With their monolithic and melancholic instrumental pieces, this is music for the active listener.
O:O is a marriage between impulsive improv and thoughtful composition, later melodies and new harmonies are carefully woven in, layer by layer.
With a reverence and underlying devotion to the aura and musical preconditions laid down from the start, the result is raw, unpolished and true.

Orsak:Oslo is the next part in our tradition of psychedelic post-rock music. So, if you were into Sonson, Halma or Action & Tension & Space you need to give it a try.

The vinyl comes in a fold-out cover and is limited to 300 copies.