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Ortega 'Sacred States' Tape


Sabina found him in the corner of his xacalli, shivering and staring through a hole in the roof. For as far back as he could remember, the rains had brought the means to communicate. Yet these days, after her passing, the gods were wilful. They had always been, of course. But not in obstinate silence. His last handful should have lasted him two moons, at least. But yesterday he decided to walk the path to its fullest extent. He tread lightly at first, yet as his third eye opened he glimpsed the passing horizons' glare. He lost his footing, and tried to grasp the threads that bound him to the sky. Flailing, the maelstrom embraced him as the crows circled his path. "They are still silent, as am I. The beast, it whispered in the void. I recognised it all" As he swayed through the night, his whispers tugged at her dreams of rain. She shivered in silence.