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Rorcal 'Heliogabalus' 3x12"


Almost exactly 11 years after seeing Rorcal for the first time in a - now demolished - rehearsal space in Karlsruhe we are glad to announce the release of the monolithic HELIOGABALUS on triple 12" vinyl for the first time - being released in 2010 on CD format only. This also includes the 30 minute 'Prelude to Heliogabalus' featuring Music for the Space.

'Going right out of inferno, HLGBLS is a 70 minutes song which illustrates the decadence of the Roman emperor, Heliogabalus. This time Rorcal is going ways further than before, with crushing doom parts, including long hellish droning fields. This album is scary, really aggressive, completely gloomy. Be sure, you never heard something like that, and you never will. If you’re looking for something really extreme, this is exactly what you need.'

It goes without saying that this will be a one time only pressing - the band will get some copies to sell at shows - beside that this is the place to get it - don't sleep!


The 3 x 12" vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies:

400 x LP1 black / LP2 red / LP3 red (based on the original CD version)
100 x LP1 black / LP2 black / LP3 black

The 3 vinyls are housed in a triple gatefold sleeve inside out with a varnished print on the inside & outside. The triple gatefold sleeve is housed in an outer slipcase inside out with an embossing on the front HLGBLS.


LP 1:
Rorcal vs Music for the Space - Prelude to Heliogabalus (33:54)

Heliogabalus (Part I) (11:46)
Heliogabalus (Part II) (20:51)

Heliogabalus (Part III) (20:21)
Heliogabalus (Part IV) (17:27)


Prelude to Heliogabalus:



The text of the inside & outside of the gatefold will be varnished on the sleeve in black too. The white lines around the text are just to show the contrast / effect.

Same goes for the outer sleeve slipcase. The HLGBLS will be embossed in black.

So be aware that the final product will look even more sleek & readability will be dependended on the angle from which you look at it.


Normally we don't feel the need to explain the prices of our products but in this case we will as it's an extraordinary production. The total production price is above 14.000€ this is all due to the packaging (triple gatefold sleeve, outer sleeve slipcase all in inside/out, embossing & varnish finish) plus of course the rising production costs in general). Meaning we need to at least sell 300 copies to break even. The offered price is a compromise between a fair price while still being economically viable.


This is a preorder item & is planned to ship around release date, March 25 2023. However the production status can be tracked here: https://wolvesandvibrancyrecords.com/preorder-status

We adapted the international shipping prices to give you the lowest option possible beeing untracked shipping. This is the standard option.

If you want to add tracking information for your order (outside of Germany) please select this option, otherwise your order will be processed without tracking info: