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The Tidal Sleep 'Be Kind' 12″


In the writing process that led to our latest full length "be water" we wrote an absurd amount of songs.

When we felt ready, we entered the studio and recorded fifteen songs in total of which eleven made it on „be water“.

After discussing the order of the songs at length we came to the conclusion that the remaining four songs would neither fit the concept nor the final flow of the album. But somehow these songs created their own coherent composition when looked upon as a whole.

We believe that these songs deserve their own release since they fully represent our writing abilities including a different approach on the spectrum of melodic heaviness.

You’re holding the result in your hand right now - our new EP.

Instruments recorded at RAMA Studio with Chris Bethge and Jens Siefert.

The vocal recording, mixing and mastering were handled by Dimi Conidas.

Chris at TCM would grant us full artistic freedom again, and generally is always supportive of all we do.

We are very lucky and blessed to have these individuals, our families, our friends and all the people that made/make this adventure of ours possible as a bedrock in our (musical) foundation.