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Thisquietarmy 'Blackhaunter' 12"


Thisquietarmy is the ambient/drone project of Eric Quach, from Montreal post-shoegazer band Destroyalldreamers. His guitar-based sonic experimentations challenge the boundaries of the conventional guitar-drone mould by combining both non-frigid song structure and ambiance together, blending layers of textures over textures, merging faint growing melodies in a beautiful sea of noise & tightening loose ends together. "Blackhaunter" is Thisquietarmy's sophomore album, which its themes revolve around inner demons and the darker side of affairs. The cleansing ritual is processed in slow-motion throughout six powerful mood-shifting tracks, while struggling deeply between the realms of ghostly dreams and sexy nightmares. Extra spicy agony, martial metronomic beats & haunting suffocation included. Expect to wake up from this deliverance covered in sweat!

- Elevation Recordings