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Unkirk '.burial' Tape


My fag was drenched again. “Feck’s sake. How?” Green Valley my ass. Baltic all the way. He’d been standing there for a good hour now. Didnae move. At times I wondered whether the tales were true. Back from the dead, but not completely. There was a glassy eye, a slowness of movement. A hoarse rumbling that shaped itself in hints of words, more timbre than pitch. “Bum a fag, big man?” “Feck off.” The answer was instinct, the swivel a surprise. The fist missed him by inches. The priest stumbled by, and I pushed him along, wondering how that might have been possible. His face hit the curb before my feet, the teeth were a mess yet still contorted into a grin. “So this is the end, aye?” “Nae clean shirt’ll do ye, father”. The earth enveloped him with splats of appreciation. The land’s will is the people’s will. Not the other way round.

Unkirk is a two piece heavy drone project hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. The name refers to a term in old Scots which describes the dissolution and abandonment of the church. The approach is high volume, many amplifiers, massive distortion and no guitars. Their debut release 'Burial' is a dirge plagued decimation of cassette tape, recorded live by members Omar Aborida (Oscillators) and Matt MXLX (Drums) in Autumn 2016.