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Hypnodrone Ensemble 'Gets Polyamorous' 12"


limited to 500 copies mastered by James Plotkin:

100 x green red blue splattered vinyl
200 x pink vinyl
200 x black vinyl

including fully printed innersleeve
including download code
including 60 x 40 cm poster (first 200 orders)

Hypnodrone Ensemble, the highly vibrant and transformative experimental spacerock/krautrock lovechild between Aidan Baker (Nadja, Noplace Trio) and Eric Quach (Thisquietarmy) with varying group of other musicians, are gearing up to release their new album Gets Polyamorous on October 23rd (digital) / 30th (vinyl) through Wolves And Vibrancy Records.

On Gets Polyamorous, the group made up of fifteen merited individuals, manage to capture the very essence of aural ebb and flow, and what it means to melt seamlessly into one, greater musical entity. Like before, the album’s backbone is constituted of pulses driven by strong percussions, coated with a variety of contemporary instruments, all together creating a sonical force beyond your imagination, packed with a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable impact.

”"Gets Polyamorous" began with the idea of wanting the different musicians with whom we have played live, at various concerts and festivals in cities around Europe, to contribute to a Hypnodrone Ensemble album. As a starting point, we recorded and shared a number of simple guitar riffs and drone loops online and invited musicians to contribute parts, slowly building up layers and constructing the songs as contributions came in. As all previous Hypnodrone Ensemble albums resulted from live in studio session recordings, this was a much different process in recording and songwriting for us, resulting in a differently sounding and structured album, whilst still working within the realms of our habitual spacerock and krautrock sounds. For the cover art, we wanted to have everyone who played on the album represented as well, but of course we were not able to take a group photo. So, much like the album itself, we collaged together a photo of us all together in some summery garden suggestive of Father Yod and The Source Family Band; communal living, experimental psych rock, and (at least) musical polyamory.” – Aidan Baker

The musicians:
Aidan Baker (CA - also of Nadja, Noplace Trio, Caudal) - guitar, flute, kalimba • Eric Quach (CA - aka Thisquietarmy) - guitar • David Dunnett (CA) - drums, struthi box • Mikael Tobias (CA) - slide guitar • Charly Bussières (CA - of Thisquietarmy Band) - trumpet • Jérémie Mortier (BE) - drums • Tom Malmendier (BE - of Nystagmu) - drums • Ángela Muñoz Martínez (SP - of Nunofyrbeeswax) - drums • Kristin Sebastian (DE) - drums • Felix-Florian Tödtloff (DE - of Swoosh) - synth, bass • Fiona McKenzie (DE - of Halma) - drums • Gareth Sweeney (IE - of Caudal, Faulty Rabbit) - bass • Maury Botton (US - of Faulty Rabbit) - guitar • James Welburn (UK - of Barchan, Transmit) - bass • Simon Goff (UK - of Noplace Trio) - violin



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