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Paramnesia / Ultha 'Split' Tape


“To be at sixes and sevens”, she only heard that from the elders. As if time was anything to base a position on. It is place, position, the movement, that is what creates meaning. She used to talk about emotions. Not anymore. Love is broken as often as any law. Sorrow troubles the eyes and softens horizons. Rage is a blind judge, creating martyrs rather than righteous sacrifices. “Set the world at sixes and sevens, die a martyr if you will.” For a martyr to be, a purpose has to be served. Thus, removing purpose from the act of retribution ensures a safety after death, surely? A liberty from Charybdis’ lure? The path was clear even though submerged: the lands should be raised, the water traversed. This appeared in time nor place. It was up to her to find the movement in time. Now. - Johan van Hattum Edition of 100 cassettes Housed in a cardstock diecut case