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Yfere 'Zirkel' 12"


Life, the mind, the world and our existence within it are marked with reactions and perpetual change. There is no such thing as single-track evolutions and monocausal developments are but a myth. Cause/effect and the immortality of influence hinder such rigid of developments. Sense and nonsense get studied and discarded again, becoming part of the same. Meanings and ideas become theorized and illuminated, only to be obscured and buried once more in continuous mist of change. The most relentless circle is nature, with it's persistent creation and destruction of life, death, light, dark, birth and decay. Circles can be opened, explored, closed and rediscovered constantly. They interweave and construct complex relationships, which dominate our thoughts and actions. Circles self-reflexively enlarge and consolidate the world and our view on it.