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Fawn Limbs 'Trek Through A Black Maw' 12" (Limited Euro Edition Gatefold)


We are offering the limited vinyl euro edition of 'Trek Through A Black Maw' 12"
This compilation contains the following EPs and singles:

- 'Languor' EP
- 'Love Will Strange You Forever' Single
- 'Thrum' EP

This edition is limited to 150 copies and comes in a fully printed gatefold sleeve.
Clear vinyl and a lyric sheet / poster. Including download code.

After some delays and various nuisances along the way, Fawn Limbs are truly delighted to finally unveil the "Trek Through a Black Maw" compilation 12", including the "Languor" and "Thrum" EPs, as well as the standalone track "Love Will Strangle You Forever" on a single slab of clear vinyl. Featuring brand new and extended artwork by Eeli Helin, and being mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin, "Trek Through A Black Maw" will be released on Roman Numeral Records and Wolves And Vibrancy Records, with exclusive versions through each. The vinyl tails the "Towing Heads" seven inch from last year, and preceeds the upcoming vinyl releases of their debut full-length and newest EP, later this spring.



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